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Dogs on the Chase

Take the lead

Be proud to follow the Cannock Chase Code

Small individual acts can make a huge collective difference to the special environment of Cannock Chase, an internationally important habitat.

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Keeping to paths helps protect ground nesting birds and reptiles that live on the heathland

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Keep your dog close and on a lead March to August as nightjars and woodlarks nest on the ground amongst the heather

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Dog poo changes the soil, plants and impacts the wildlife

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Enjoy the Chase with your dog and let wildlife thrive.

Canine Calendar

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Nesting season is March to August, Protect ground nesting birds and reptiles that live on the heathland.

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If you spot an Adder please watch from a safe distance and do not approach to avoid your dog getting hurt. Please go to the vet immediately if your dog is bitten.

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Cattle graze on certain parts of Cannock Chase. Keep your dogs on a lead if you enter a grazing paddock.

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Other animals and people may be frightened by dogs, please be respectful to other site users by keeping a safe distance and prevent dangerous situations.

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The Chase is home to many deer - this means ticks can be quite common. If bitten you will need to remove it as soon as possible. Contact your vet for advice.

It’s Bird Nesting Season! Dogs on leads in the heathlands please

The heathlands and large forest clearings are nesting sites for the Nightjar that migrate from Africa each spring.  They are an increasingly rare species and need our help to enable them to nest and raise their young safely.

We ask for you to please keep your dogs on leads in the heather from the beginning of April until the end of August.

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