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Ground Nesting Bird Season

It’s Bird Nesting Season!

March 1 – August 31



Almost all of Cannock Chase is Open Access Land, it is a legal requirement that dogs must be on a lead from the 1st March to the 31st July.

We ask that you keep them on a lead in August as well as nightjars sometimes have a second clutch of eggs and might still be sitting on nests.

Nightjars and woodlarks nest on the ground on the heathland and in forest clearings.

These rare and amazing birds and easily disturbed by well-meaning people and inquisitive dogs as they are almost impossible to see.

Don’t forget that adders bask during this season and are known to bite dogs who get too close.

Away from these areas and outside of the breeding season, please be aware the Chase is still home to a host of wildlife.

Ensure your dog is within sight and recall distance at all times and remember to clean up after them.

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