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Adders on Cannock Chase

Please keep your dog close and on a lead to keep them safe from adders between March and August

Adders on Cannock Chase 

Snakes emerge in the spring and like to bask on open ground to warm up on sunny days. You may spot them in sunny spots or even on the paths.

Adders are the UK’s only venomous snake.  They are protected by law and we are lucky to have them on Cannock Chase. Please keep a safe distance if you are fortunate to see one.

Adders can’t hear but are very sensitive to vibrations so will usually move on before humans get too close.  They can get surprised by dogs though and may bite in self defence.

Keeping to the existing footpath network and your dog very close and on a lead is the best way to keep both your dog and the adders safe at this time of year.


What to do if an adder bites your dog

Often the dog will yelp when bitten.

Usually you will see a swelling.

You might be able to spot two small puncture wounds at the centre of the bite.

Seek medical attention immediately, all adder bites are an emergency.

Bathe the wound in cold water.

If possible carry your dog.

Keep your dog warm, calm and as still as possible to slow the venom spreading through their body.

Visit the PDSA Website for more information


Adder Facts

The adder is a relatively small snake that prefers heathland, woodland and moorland habitats.
The adder is a greyish snake, with a dark and distinct zig-zag pattern, and a red eye.
Males are found to be more silvery-grey, while females are more light or reddish-brown.
Adders are secretive animals, most attacks happen when they are trodden on, picked up or disturbed by an animal.


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