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Oh Deer!

Every Year Deer are Killed on the Roads Crossing Cannock Chase.

To protect the deer Cannock Chase has an advisory 40mph speed limit.

If you hit a deer and it is still alive in the middle of the road, call Staffordshire Police on 999.
It’s an emergency, it can cause other accidents.
If you see a deer on the verge and you think it is dead, please call Staffordshire Police on 101.

The most deer collisions normally happen between September and December. This is mainly due to when the mornings and evenings are darker during peak times for commuting traffic. During autumn, it’s deer mating season (the rut) and even more deer are on the move.

To help prevent the amount of collisions each year, Cannock Chase is the first in the U.K to trial new deer deterrent technology. They use sound and light and have been installed near Milford and Penkridge Bank Road.

Click the links below to learn more about each species

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The Deer of Cannock Chase

Have a look and learn a little bit about the main 3 different deer species that live in the Chase.


Roadside Deer Deterrent

The A513 through Cannock Chase is one of the worst for deer vehicle collisions in the whole of the Midlands. Read more about the devices aiming to protect the animals and make the road safer for users.


the British Deer Society

If you are passionate about deer, visit the BDS website to learn more and become a member.


It’s Bird Nesting Season! Dogs on leads in the heathlands please

The heathlands and large forest clearings are nesting sites for the Nightjar that migrate from Africa each spring.  They are an increasingly rare species and need our help to enable them to nest and raise their young safely.

We ask for you to please keep your dogs on leads in the heather from the beginning of April until the end of August.

Click to find out more on what bird nesting season means…


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Cannock Chase Has An Incredible Past…

Enough with the rubbish!

We all know littering is trashy

It ruins the landscape of Cannock Chase, can be harmful for the wildlife and costs a lot to pick up.