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Deer of Cannock Chase

The Deer of Cannock Chase

The deer on Cannock Chase roam free and are wild animals owned by no-one. Some individuals could possibly be descended from the original herd introduced in Norman times.

Slow down whilst driving to avoid collisions – especially during darker months and bad weather conditions.

Please don’t feed them, it might make them ill.  It might also encourage them to associate people with food and encourage the deer into dangerous situations.

Enjoy the deer from a distance and allow them to remain wild.


Fallow Deer

The most prevalent species on the Chase, you are more likely to see a Fallow deer than any other.

Red Deer

The biggest and the most impressive species you will find at Cannock Chase, you will know when you’ve seen a Red.

Muntjac Deer

First introduced from China in the 20th Century, you are lucky if you spot one of these timid, yet interesting creatures.