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Planning an Event?

Did you know that Cannock Chase is owned by a number of organisations as well as private individuals? Before planning any organised event or visit it is important to seek permission from the correct landowner.

Without this permission, there are multiple dangers:

  • The area needs to be screened and vetted. Some areas are not suitable for an event due to the sensitivity of the habitat and wildlife that lives there.
  • Any liability insurance you have would be invalid without the correct permission.
  • Landowners may be enacting dangerous work on their land including felling, closures and alterations. This could be a major threat to your or anyone’s personal safety if they are not aware of the presence of your event on their site.
  • There may be clashes with other planned events.
  • Any unauthorised signage put up around the site may be removed if you have not sought prior permission.
  • You may be asked to leave the site on the day of your event!